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Check this area for listings of where in the world Paula will be talking, signings, teaching as well as demonstrating Fur Shui as well as animal communications workshops and whereabouts.

Paula is available for private consultations, workshops, appearances and lectures for communications, animal feng shui visits and suggestions as well as energetic readings. Fees will be available based on consultation needs and requests.

Please just send an e-mail to: Or call her at: 310.621.8512

"Fur Shui™" has been featured in a recent segment on CBS, The Early Show with correspondent Debbye Turner! Click on this link to see the "talk" about "Fur Shui." Click here to watch the video.


Workshops, talks, and helping others...for a history of listings, contact Paula at:
Below are a few current happenings and listings. For an up to date record go to:

"Fur Shui's" birthday celebration found it traveling around the world being passed along to many folks, passing along joy, love and fun! It is still "traveling"...find it on my blog at:

"Fur Shui" now seen in Splash Magazine

Splash Magazine, Los Angeles, is now "talking" about "Fur Shui"! Take a look at the article written by Gerry Furth at:

February 14, 2015 - Speaking in Del Mar, CA, "Talk to the Animals III"
Love and "Fur Shui" is in the air in February, and it is being expressed at a special event down in Del Mar, CA at Dexter’s Deli. I will be a guest panelist and communicator at the 3rd Dexter’s Deli “Talk to the Animals III”. This event benefits two animal causes: "Freedom Dogs" and "Wounded Warriors Service Dogs".
Come on down and have a lovely Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar
12:30pm on the upper deck: Free Panel Presentation: Stories about Animal Communication2pm: Quick one question chats with your pet: $30. feePurchase tickets in advance only at Dexter’s Deli / Tickets available February 1, 2015 (SPACES GO FAST!) Fur Shui will be on special sales for Valentine's Day!

Dexter Deli info:
phone: 858.792.3707

Finland Fur Shui Workshop!

September 6, 2014 - September 7, 2014

Fur Shui Workshop
Sept. 6 (Sat.) – Sept. 7 (Sun)
9:30AM – 6PM each day
Contact for details, price, registration: Finland: Piia Vainio

Talking Huna (and Fur Shui)! Helsinki, Finland

September 10, 2014 @ 5:30 pm - September 11, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

Helsinki, Finland  / Era Nova Bookstore

Huna Talk
Sept. 10 (Wed.) & Sept. 11 (Thurs.)
5:30PM – 7:30PM each night
Contact for details, price, registration: Finland: Piia Vainio

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The world of Fur Shui comes your way via my newsletter "Speak"! Cures, reviews, products, feng shui links, creative ideas as well as my whereabouts will be offered in a one page Newsletter. Go to and sign up!

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Reviews and News

"True holistic pet care requires an ever-evolving effort to understand the physical, emotional, dietary and environmental nuances and requirements of your pet. But how do the energetics of your pet's world affect her? How do the between the physical and non-physical elements of your pets' environment effect her, and what can be done to bring more harmony to her lifestyle? Finally these questions are addressed in Paula Brown's cutting edge book, Fur Shui. As entertaining as it is informative, Paula's work promises to bring more balance into your favorite critters' world, while tightening the bond between animal and animal guardian."

Greg Tilford,
Author of "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets." (Bowtie 1999)

"What a wonderful book! In my some 16 years as a Feng Shui consultant, I have met many delightful animals that not only bring to their owners the love, fun and comfort that we are familiar with, but also great 'chi' for Feng Shui. This great book brings this awareness - your furry and non-furry friends can help with the Feng Shui of your home! I am glad that Paula has written this book to honor our furry friends and to give us practical and powerful Feng Shui tips - in short Black Cat Fur Shui is purrrrr-fect."

Nate Batoon
Feng Shui Master

Fur Links

Find your "Fur Shui" book snippet pdfs, links for feng shui help, animal guidance and just plain interesting stuff!

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Awesome literary Agent:

Sharlene Martin

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Fur Links:

Animal Communications:
Paula Brown / Animal Communicator

Animal Essentials

Dexter's Deli

The Honest Kitchen

Feng Shui:

Elnathan (Nate) Batoon (Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Black Hat Sect)

Paula Brown

310.621.8512 (Black Hat Feng Shui alone or along with "Fur Shui" tips and guidance if you have a fur folk!)

Karen Rauch Carter

Feng Shui products

Inspirational, fun, and neat stuff:

Swim with the dolphins in Hawaii!

Want to help buy (need $1,500.) a milk cow named "Mary Birch Cow" for a wonderful orphanage in Swaziland, Africa?
Go to The Heart of Africa -- Go to "Projects", click on "Cows for Swaziland", make a donation, AND put in the "comment" box that your donation is to go for "Mary Birch Cow".

Sites for saving wildlife and wild places:

National Resources Defense Council

Whales and Dolphins:

Adopt / support a wild animal species:

Learn all the magic of Feng Shui for animals in "Fur Shui™"
Available at Fur Shui Amazon Search by title or ISBN# 978-0615767482

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