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From an early age, Paula Brown had a natural attraction and strong connection to nature and animals. She spent much of her life loving, caring and interacting with animals, motivating her to become a professional animal communicator. Brown was also interested in the movement of "chi" or energy in animals and therefore became an avid student and practitioner of feng shui. Brown learned her love, passion and spiritual connection with animals melded beautifully with her knowledge of Black Hat Feng Shui principles, leading her to develop and author Fur Shui (published by Lyons Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press, April 2008 release). Fur Shui applies Feng Shui Black "Cat" principles (so coined by Brown who maintains a humorous and light hearted approach to Fur Shui throughout her book) to the furrier species, reflecting the laws of feng shui to guide you and your animal toward a happy and healthy home.

Her "gift" of a deep sense of compassion along with the ability to quickly and deeply connect heart to heart with an animal directly to the core of an issue, Brown became motivated to telepathically communicate with all types of species. Her communication studies include being a student and graduate of worldwide known animal communicator, lecturer, teacher and author Carol Gurney. After studying with Gurney, Brown began taking referrals from around the world as her successful communications practice, The Heart of Conversation (Bird in Hand), grew and became the established practice that it is now known for today.

Paula has graduated from both The Black Hat School of the Tibetan/Hawaiian Institute of Feng Shui (Master Nate Batoon, CA), and the Qi Gong program at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Santa Monica, CA). Attending the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA rounded out her need for education and application of the art of Flower Essence therapy for and with animals. Her love of horses and great desire to deeply understand and help equine led her to study at Monty Robert's Flag is Up Farm in Solvang, CA. Brown is an active member of the Society of Dowsers with the Ozark Research Institute, AK, a guest lecturer for holistic and alternative healing organizations and has taught animal communications workshops.

Brown's greatest desire is to provide a space for loving heart connections between animals and their people.

Her animal communications website is

Paula Brown / Animal Communicator

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For the Press

"Fur Shui™" has been featured in a recent segment on CBS, The Early Show with correspondent Debbye Turner! Click on this link to see the "talk" about "Fur Shui." Click here to watch the video.

Paula Brown is a widely recognized animal communicator who combines energetic alternative solutions with her telepathic communications, using the principles found in Feng Shui and other modalities. Her greatest desire is to provide a space for loving heart connections between animals and their people.

With a client base encompassing both inside and outside the US, she has helped many open their hearts to greater bonds and understandings with their animal friends.

Paula Brown Animal Communicator, Author of "Fur Shui" (Lyons Press 2008 first edition (sold out). NOW, larger format paperback 2nd edition is available, self published on Create Space by Paula Brown.

2364 Burnham Rd, Ojai, CA 93023


Links for the press:

Paula's photo sheet: P_Brown_photo.pdf

Paula's bio sheet: P_Brown_bio.pdf

Paula's book "Fur Shui" summary sheet: P_Brown_book_summary.pdf

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About her book "Fur Shui"

"What a wonderful book! In my some 16 years as a Feng Shui consultant, I have met many delightful animals that not only bring to their owners the love, fun and comfort that we are familiar with, but also great "chi" for Feng Shui. This great book brings this awareness - your furry and non-furry friends can help with the Feng Shui of your home! I am glad that Paula has written this book to honor our furry friends and to give us practical and powerful Feng Shui tips - in short Black Cat Fur Shui is purrrrr-fect."

Nate Batoon

Feng Shui Master

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or goldfish, you and your pet reverberate with chi, the mystic flow of life. FUR SHUI offers a serious but lighthearted overview of how we can easily improve the quality of life both for our furry (and nonfurry) friends and for ourselves. You'll learn that animals are full of natural energy and have a pervasive desire to provide emotional support to their caretakers. By understanding the simple principles in FUR SHUI, you'll immediately see that our pets have the power to improve our health, protect our homes, and commiserate with us on work, money, and love.

PAULA BROWN is an animal communicator and feng shui practitioner. She runs her own communications practice, The Heart of Conversation (Bird in Hand), and works as a guest lecturer for holistic and alternative healing organizations. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Her Web site is:

Cover design by Paula Brown, Cover image © Paula Brown. 2008 - 2012 Fur Shui first edition published by The Lyons Press (Sold out 2012). Second edition 2013, Paula Brown  ISBN 978-0615767482

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Book Reviews and endorsements

"Fur Shui" is now in the UK, and Italy!

Learn all the magic of Feng Shui for animals in "Fur Shui™"
Available at Fur Shui Amazon. Search by title or ISBN# 978-0615767482

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