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In order to create your own Fur Shui tips that can benefit your animals and boost their chi (feng shui consultants call them "cures") you need to pay attention to your animal's behavior in their environment. Each area in your "space" be it home, car, office as well as the great outdoors has powerful chi or energy that has specific qualities from family to fame.

To define the energy or chi in one's space, home, or office one needs a guide: a Bagua. The bagua is an octagon (called the "ba") whose shape and interior divisions define the nine categories of life (each category is called a "gua"). There are nine "life areas" of your and animal's world. This baqua is a visual map of these spaces in your home and your world. In the home, your whole house plan can be placed under the bagua's structure and as well as each room individually can have it's own bagua traits.

Each "life section" of the Bagua is called a gua. Each has its own color, avocation, shapes with some having elements characterizing its space. These sections are: career, helpful people, creativity/children, love/relationships, fame, prosperity/wealth, family/community, skills/knowledge, and health in the middle.

Simply place the octagon (Imagine a Bagua as big as your house or room!) down with the black career section at your front door (entry) and see where all your "life sections" are in your home. Wherever you go, imagine and place the Career section always at the entrance or "front" of your location. Take a look at the bagua for this ancient Chinese configuration and locate the guas in your home!

Watch where your fur friends play, sleep, behave, misbehave and look at what is going on in each "life section" that is to your and their advantage!

Follow "Fur Shui's" advice for each gua and find out how you can activate a greater flow of positive chi for you and your fur friends.

See below for some hints for each gua…keep tuned, they change often!


Place your fur friend's water dish at your entry door. The element here is water and it is something that will enhance your dog or cat's health. Pure clean water is needed for optimum health.

Helpful People/Travel:

Where to put that kitty box? Think about the helpful people gua in your house… you help your cat by keeping the box clean and they help you by ONLY going in their box!


Children, puppies, kittens, fur folk babies galore in this gua…for happiness galore try putting the young one's toys and bed pillows in this gua, gather all the fun joyous chi you can. Play, play, and play in this gua!


Pink is the color for the relationship gua. (Also with a touch of gold is good!) If you want to add to your fur friends love attraction vibes and chi, why not put a purring fur friend in the Southeast corner in a warm comfy pink blanket bed. You also get some loving fire chi from your unconditional love companion for sure.


You have a possible "star" fur child? Have that trainer to the stars work with your fur friend in the back yard or very back of your house…this is the fame section! Cover your bases and also give your friend a nice red bowl for reward treats in this gua.


Ca-ching! Put a silver dollar, gold coin, silver doubloon as a nice collar charm for your fur friend. They will attract a "wealth" of whatever they need. Riches come in health and happiness too!


Have a new bunch of puppies, baby birds, and kittens just ready for wonderful new families? Put them on display so to speak in this gua. Ask for their potential family to come and interact with them here and see who favors whom. Good families are made and strengthened here!


Blue ribbons, certificates, and skill recognitions for your fur friends go in this gua. Talk with them in their Skills space, give them the praise they deserve. When they look at their achievements here they become proud and feel very worthy and talented indeed. Don't forget to display their photos and names along with all their awards as well!


Fur friend in the hospital or being healed outside of their home? Then when you leave them or visit them give them a yellow t-shirt or small clothing item of yours with your scent on it (don't launder it, wear it and take it to them!) and let them cuddle up against it while healing. You can also bring in a gold/yellow cloth to use as a drape for their enclosure or space if they cannot have items inside next to them. Just put your intent of perfect vital dynamic health as well as your scent so they know you are always with them.

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